DNA - 1 : 1 Genetic Coaching


DNA - 1 : 1 Genetic Coaching


For more in-depth nutrition + fitness recommendations tailored according to your genes, this premium program includes a DNA test (by a mouth swab). 

From a nutritional perspective, find out your carbohydrate, saturated fat, caffeine, alcohol and salt sensitivity predispositions, as well as your detoxification phase 1 & 2 predispositions, so that you're better able to determine which foods and micronutrients you may need more or less of. 

From a fitness perspective, find out if you're better able to use power or endurance training to improve whichever sport you're into, based on your DNA make-up for fast/ slow-twitch muscle fibres and VO2 max response potential. Also find out your potential ability for recovery response and injury. 


  • 1x DNA kit (DNAFit "Fitness Diet Pro").
  • 1x 1-hour consult post-test to provide guidance and interpretation of your DNA test results. 
  • Discussion of your current health status, diet + lifestyle habits and routines, and how you can use your test results to optimise where you are currently at. 
    • A customised master plan will be created for you. Includes handouts, recipes, supplement suggestions and any further diagnostic test (blood/ stool/ further DNA test) recommendations, if applicable. 
    • Pre-consult: you will need to keep a 3-day food diary (provided).

* Does not include the cost of any additional diagnostic tests (blood/ stool/ additional DNA tests), if recommended. 

* Please contact me for a free 20-minute intro call to discuss genetic coaching. 

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