12-Week Nutrition + Lifestyle Program


12-Week Nutrition + Lifestyle Program


By continuing on your master plan for a longer time, you’ll be able to address more of the underlying issues, leading to better, longer-lasting results. Some health issues may require a slightly longer time to address, or perhaps you need more time to incorporate the new things you’re learning and need a bit more guidance. These sessions can be tailored to whenever you need them.


  • 1x 60min initial consult.
  • Weekly follow-up sessions for 11 weeks (approx. 15min).
  • 24/ 7 messaging support between sessions.
    • In-depth discussion on medical history, current health status, diet + lifestyle habits and routines, including  areas where you need help with and what you want to focus on.
    • A customised master plan will be created for you within 3 days. Includes handouts, recipes, supplements and further diagnostic test (blood/ stool/ DNA) recommendations, if applicable. You decide what you want to start with, and I’ll work with you over 12 weeks to bring you closer to your health + wellness goals.
    • Pre-consult: you will need to keep a 3-day food diary (provided).

* Does not include the cost of any additional diagnostic tests (blood/ stool/ DNA), if recommended. 

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