Hi! My name is Jaime Tan, and I'm a certified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT-CNM), Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) and Reiki Practitioner (Level 3). If you're struggling with any current, recurring health issue, I may be able to help you!

There is no one-size-fits-all "best" diet and fitness program - only the best diet and fitness available for YOU based on your current health status, lifestyle, genetics, and environment. I help you find out what yours is. 

Also check my blog for recipe ideas and other health and wellness articles that will hopefully inspire and help feed your mind, body, soul.

Here's to a happy, healthy, best you!

Jaime Tan

The Results

Through my help with figuring out the right choices tailored specifically to them, my clients experience some of these results:

  • More energy throughout the day.

  • Less food cravings throughout the day/ able to cut down on and stay off the junk food.

  • Better quality sleep/ wake up refreshed/ improved low moods.

  • Improved skin conditions (reduced acne, no more rash, no more itching skin, reduced eye bags, radiant skin).

  • Reduced joint pain (from arthritic conditions).

  • Reduced digestive issues from IBS symptoms/ bloating/ constipation/ diarrhea/ gas/ acid reflux.

Are these results you're looking for? Maybe I can help!

Who I Help

My clients often encounter these struggles:

  • Busy people on-the-go, juggling everything from career to relationships to kids.

  • Try to “eat healthy”, but are still not feeling like their best self.

  • Don’t always know if they’re making the right health decisions, since there’s so much conflicting information out there - paleo/ vegetarian/ ketogenic/ intermittent fasting/ HIIT/ cardio/ yoga/ aaaargh, where do you start?!

  • End up tired, stressed out, overwhelmed with trying to juggle everything life throws their way, let alone keeping on top of making “healthier choices”.

Does this sound like you too? Maybe I can help! 

It’s amazing, Jaime. 4 weeks and such an improvement. My stomach problems have gone. I’m losing weight. Energy levels are up. Stress is down. Skin improved as well. Clearer mind and more focussed. Enjoying a happy life again.
— N.H.
The diet changes we made transformed my skin and even my skeptical GP who initially rolled her eyes when I told her about naturopathic medicine was also interested in my results.
— C.R.
Great news... I’m back on track with the sleeping! Your recommendations have really helped. Thank you SO much!
— J.K.

"Helping you feel your best everyday."

Nutritional Therapy

Using naturopathic principles, we use food as a powerful healing tool to help with digestive and skin issues, hormonal balancing and support stress reduction, amongst many more issues we face with hectic life today. Many chronic ailments and autoimmune conditions can also be addressed with nutritional therapy. Looking holistically at where you're at right now, we can work on dietary and lifestyle improvements for your better health. 

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Yoga is an ancient practice from India that goes back thousands of years. Using the body and breath as tools to turn the focus inwards, this helps you gain mental clarity, deeper concentration and physical fitness. You don't need to be flexible to "do yoga" - Yoga helps you become both flexible and strong! I teach Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Yin and Yin-Yang flow styles. Group and private one-on-one classes are available. 

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We are all made of energy, and Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that works on this subtle layer of the body - the energy body. Through channeling techniques, I help to clear energetic blocks in your subtle body, allowing your qi, prana, or 'life force' to flow through your meridians with vitality again. This usually results in deep relaxation during and right after a session, followed by a boost in energy levels in the days following. 

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