I'm-Not-Afraid-Of-Good-Fat Smoothie, Or VEGAN YOGHURT!


I've been playing around with how to get smoothies thicker and creamier without using any dairy or non-dairy milk. It just feels weird to add anything processed into an attempted wholesome start to my day... and yeah, your dairy milk has been through pasteurisation/ homogenisation and goodness knows what else... It's pretty much just white liquid, really. And though I use rice milk, I look at the ingredients list and sometimes wonder whether I should be consuming it or not. I've had questions on Facebook and Instagram on how else to thicken your smoothies, and loads of good suggestions have come up like using banana or avocado. I've also been using sprouted nuts like almonds and cashews and have been getting pretty good results. You're pretty much making your own nut milk in your smoothie that way.

This morning, I hit the jackpot of smoove and crrrrreamy. If I had a Vitamix that could pulverize this mother into something creamier, I'm pretty sure it would be a pretty amazing vegan yoghurt too. In fact, even without a Vitamix, this combo was pretty thick and slick and I had to eat it with a spoon, a la yoghurt-style. My Kitchenaid blender's pretty good, but there were still some tiny nut bits in it. Who cares, I like texture anyway (eg. I prefer chunky peanut butter over smooth).

Some granola thrown into this = Yes, please!



  • Avocado
  • Sprouted Cashews (soaked overnight for 10-12hrs, then rinsed out again)
  • Apple
  • Kiwi (I only used 1x kiwi in the end, not 2 like in this picture)
  • Lemon Juice (if you prefer yours sweeter, don't add the lemon)
  • Acai Powder (1/2 tablespoon)
  • Water (just a little bit, enough to keep the blender moving and not choke up)

Chuck everything in the blender, adding as much water as you need as it moves along. This baby comes out pretty smooth and creamy and oh so yummy.

This has a texture similar(ish) to yoghurt, but none of the probiotic qualities. To really turn this into a probiotic yoghurt, you could also add some probiotic or acidophilus powder into it, or instead of water, use kefir. :)