Super-Easy Mango-Almond Smoothie


I've been playing around with adding more fruit to my morning smoothies instead of green veggies. If you're not too concerned about your sugar levels, go for it! I guess the whole point of why I've been doing green smoothie breakfasts is coz I know I probably eat way too much sugar throughout the day, so I've been trying to cut down on sugar at least during the first meal of the day. Instead of going ALL-OUT-FRUIT-SMOOTHIE!! I'm trying a combo of about 2 or 3 green veggies with 1 fruit. But the other day, I hit upon a winner, and it's sooooooo easy and deeelish, I thought I'd share it.



  • 2x Mangos
  • 1 Cup Sprouted Almonds (raw almonds soaked overnight for 10-12hrs, then peel the skins off and rinse again)
  • Chia Seeds (a sprinkle)
  • Water (enough so you don't jam up the blender and to get this to your desired consistency)

Throw everything in the blender, then enjoy!

The almonds already give this a natural thickness (you're pretty much making an almond-milk smoothie with the sprouted almonds) so there's a creamier texture to this without having to add any dairy or non-dairy milk. It's whole, unprocessed goodness in a cup.