“5 Good Things To Share!” - Ways to Stay Fit, Healthy, Happy

As an advertising producer in my day job who frequently travels internationally and an all-round health + wellness junkie certified in yoga teaching, nutritional therapy and reiki, I often get asked for my opinion on stuff like:

  • Which gym/ yoga/ fitness studio to go to in < insert city here >?

  • Which supplement to take for this issue?

  • Which foods to avoid for that issue?

  • What’s your opinion on this < insert fad > diet?

  • Where’s a good place to eat/ relax/ get a massage in < insert city here >?

I nerd out on all things health, wellness and personal development… and frequently experiment with new food products, wearables, gadgets, health tests (eg. DNA testing), health supplements, fitness fashion and accessories, different training routines, life hacks, etc. I also keep pretty up-to-date with the latest scientific research on the topics that interest me: mindfulness, somatic techniques, the mind-body connection, yoga, nutrigenomics.

So I figured I’d come up with a monthly email of “5 Good Things To Share!” with anyone who’d like some exclusive content delivered only to your inbox. It won’t be available on this blog, and it’ll be a random list of what I feel are the 5 most interesting things I’m currently discovering, enjoying and pondering that month… For free! It’ll be stuff as diverse as:

  • What podcast/ playlist I’m listening to.

  • What book/ article I’m reading.

  • What documentary/ movie/ series I’m watching.

  • What app/ gadget/ electronics I’ve found.

  • What quote I’m thinking about.

  • The places/ people/ new things I discover on my travels.

Helping you find ways to stay fit, healthy and happy.… all from the perspective of “how to be a better human”.

As an example, here’s the first edition of “5 Goods Things To Share!” from November 2018. This is the only time you’ll find this list online, but I figured you might want to ‘try before you buy’ (even though the email is FREE!)

1. Instagram Account: @yung_pueblo

Meditator, writer, speaker. Wow, this guy's prose is just too beautiful for words. Any day you need a pick-me-up or some words to ponder - this account is there to provide you with some "deep thought of the day".

Plus, because he reposted one of my Instagram posts on his Insta Stories (I got Insta-famous!), I love him even more now. <3

2. JP Sears' "What It's Like Being An Extrovert", Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 134

"Woke AF"! Hahaha. This guy constantly cracks me up. Self-proclaimed "conscious comedian", JP Sears pokes fun at everything and everyone in the health, wellness and 'woowoo' worlds with some searingly honest insight. This is his latest video.

Also check out his "how to become gluten intolerant" episode, one of my all-time faves. Because not everything has to be serious soul-searching all of the time!

3. Jaybird X4 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

This gadget has seriously changed my gym game. Why did I take so long to finally embrace wireless sound?! If you've been fed up of being tethered to your mobile phone while you're running or working out, dither no more! Get these. Also check out its sister earphones, the Tarah (cheaper with marginally less functions).

I explain in further detail in this blog post on why I picked these over the Bose Soundsport Wireless (custom EQ levels!) Plus, they're waterproof (up to half-hour), and I've even taken them into the steam room. LOL.

I'm also going to experiment with using these to record guided meditations instead of getting a lavalier mic. It may turn out to be a terrible idea.  

4. Robert Greene's "The Laws of Human Nature"

I've been reading this book. Well actually, I've been listening to the audio book version on Audible (first month free, and monthly subscription for one credit is €14, so this audio book would really be 1/3 the rack rate). In audio format, it's a 28-hour listen (the average audio book is about half this time), so I'm pretty sure my eyes would be bleeding if I read the text version of it. I'm still making my way through this audio version.

I LOVE that Robert Greene takes a very secular approach to self-awareness, self-discovery and ultimately, self-realisation. It's spirituality discussed from a "non-woowoo", secular approach, using loads of case studies from history and scientific research. Ultimately - you need to see the situation as it really is, and not from how you or the other person's emotions are clouding your view of the situation. Loads of strategies on how to be a better human being.

Click on the banner pic above to watch an interview with the author on YouTube. Text link points to the book on Amazon.

5. Sarah Blondin’s Guided Meditation - “Practicing Gentle Kindness Toward Ourself" (Insight Timer app)

First off, I need to tell you that Insight Timer is my current FAVOURITE guided meditation app. There are tons of guided meditations from all kinds of teachers from different schools of thought. It's not just meditation taught from one method with the same teacher (ahem, Headspace) (although I do love Headspace too, it's just totally different from Insight Timer).  

And when I discovered Sarah Blondin's recordings, I was floored. Her voice, the quality of the audio production, the timing of when the music hits key points - this girl cracks your heart wide open and she has it DOWN! (can I get a woop woop!) There are a few of her recordings I keep coming back to, and this is one of them. I've recently come out of a wobbly patch in life - mega manic work project, breaking up with someone... this has been one of many guided meditations from Sarah that have helped keep me sane and grounded.

Like what you’re reading?

What did you think of what of this list? Like some? Hate some? Let me know in the comments below, or tell me over at Instagram or in my community group!

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