Is A Nutritional Therapist Worth The Money?

Are you keen to eat healthy and stay in shape, but not sure if what you’re doing is right for you? Do you end up tired after a long day and reach for ready-made or takeaway meals most nights? Or maybe you feel you’re doing a pretty good job with your diet and fitness routines already, but you’re still exhausted, constantly bloated and wait, are you starting to put on some weight too?!  

Believe it or not, a nutritional therapist can help you with all of that. 

And if you could get help to improve any of the above and more, I’d say that’s worth all the money in the world, wouldn’t you?


What Kind Of Results Will I Get?

If that’s not convincing enough, a nutritional therapist can help you achieve the following results:

  1. Feel less tired.

  2. Have more energy, and sustain it through the day.

  3. No need for coffee to kickstart the day.

  4. No more insomnia, and stay asleep through the night.

  5. Feel more vibrant and clear-headed.

  6. Lose weight.

  7. Have clearer, brighter skin.  

  8. Have no more bloating, gas and more regular “number 2’s”. ;)

Some nutritional therapists like me have also trained as health coaches, and include techniques that help you:

  1. Turn negative behavioural patterns into positive.

  2. Figure out what your health goals are and break down the steps you need to take into smaller, manageable actions.

  3. Stay accountable to the goals you set yourself.

  4. Achieve long-term, sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.

  5. Be supported 24/7 through video calls, phone calls, email, messaging - so you’re more likely to achieve successful results.

So I guess the question is really - What are the above results worth to you?

Is What I'm Doing "Right"?

If you’re satisfied living the way things have been for you, then you’re sorted. But if you feel like you’re having trouble navigating your way through the constantly changing news on what’s healthy and what’s not, eg. Fat is evil! Wait, no it’s not! Sugar is evil! it really? Vegan! Paleo! Ketogenic! Strength training! Cardio all the way! No, a COMBO! High intensity interval training! But wait, not if your adrenals are depleted! … … …

What a total minefield.

How much of it is marketing hype, and how much of it could actually benefit YOU?

There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition and lifestyle, and you need to figure out what works for you.  


Working With You As An Individual 

This is where a skilled nutritional therapist can help provide guidance tailored to YOU as an individual. Based on what you’re currently eating and how you’re living, we figure out what the underlying root causes could be and draw links back to your ongoing health issues. Sometimes, functional diagnostic testing may be used - blood, urine, stools and DNA results may help us hone in on where the issues may be.

With the way I work (coz all NTs work slightly differently), I also help clients to break down their next steps into manageable actions to fit in with their busy life. Sometimes, I include the other techniques I'm trained in to help my clients: yoga and meditation sessions or a reiki energy balancing session. 

If you’re interested to find out more, contact me for a free 20-minute intro call to figure out if my 6-week, 12-week or DNA coaching programs are right for you.

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