5 Easy Yoga Poses - to Unwind and De-stress, At Home or in a Hotel Room!

I’ve been in L.A. now for over 4 weeks, and this production schedule has been relentless.

What’s helped to keep me sane is Yin Yoga - a slower form of yoga postures where you hold the physical poses for between 3- 5 minutes, allowing the fascia connective tissues between them to lengthen and relax.

I hold a lot of stress in my shoulders and hips and I know it’s a lifelong pattern I’m still trying to correct - lots of somatic, physical and manual therapies, along with lots more mindfulness techniques have helped. I’ve found that along with all the bodywork, the best thing I can do is physically allow the muscles and their connective tissues to lengthen and stretch out through Yin yoga poses.

Hotel Room Yoga - 5 easy yoga poses

So if you’re tightly wound like me, I shot this video in my hotel room to help guide you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room - you don’t even need a yoga mat! (You can also lay a bath towel on the floor.)

These shoulder and hip openers get into those tight spots, especially if you sit at a desk all day, or have been on a long-haul flight.

All you need is 20 minutes. Turn off the phone. Get off wifi. And give yourself this well-deserved break.

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