May 2019's Preview of "5 Good Things To Share!"

A short update on this month’s edition of “5 Good Things To Share!”

It’s a Monthly Email Update that Helps You!

  • Are you interested in how to stay fit and healthy but have no time to stay up-to-date with current health trends?

  • Do you need more inspiration for which mindfulness tools can help you stick to a regular meditation practice?

  • Are you curious what tools, tips and tricks a yoga teacher and nutritionist uses in daily life to find that evasive thing called “balance”? (I also have a day job as a Producer - so yeah, I feel you. “Balance”, muahaha.)

I nerd out on all things health and wellness, so it’s my monthly email update of the things I think could help you stay sane in your busy life… including and beyond apps, books, fitness, gadgets, life hacks, podcasts, nutrition, quotes, travel, or yoga sequences.

I hope you’ll find ideas, inspiration and other ways to stay fit, healthy and happy from my list of “5 Good Things”.

Preview This Month’s Edition:

This month’s theme is focussed around one important nutrient you’ll need for stress relief. If you’ve been going through a particularly busy time at work, or a trying time with the family… anything that might have been giving you some anxiety, worries and stress, this month’s update could have something to help you relax.

Use this one nutrient to help you find some relaxation during stressful times in the following forms:

1. In supplement form.
2. In whole foods form.
3. In a sweet treat form.
4. In a bath form.
5. In spray form.

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