A Wellness Expert’s Guide to 6 Best Smoothie + Juice Bars in Amsterdam (July 2019)

Following on from my previous recommendations of the 21 best healthy-ish restaurants as well as the 7 best coffee/ cafés in Amsterdam, next up - we’ve got the best smoothie and juice bars in town.

Firstly, my big dislike with the majority of smoothie places is - there’s too much fruit and not enough greens in them.

Having a fruit smoothie which blends in all the fruit fibre is slightly better than having a fruit juice (which has no fibre, so it can spike your blood-sugar levels quickly, leading to energy spikes and crashes). Read more about the differences between smoothies and juices.

But ultimately, if you’re stressed and overworked, including more dark green, leafy vegetables (eg. spinach, kale, wheatgrass) in your smoothie is going to give you more of the nutrients you need to maintain energy levels throughout the day than one with all fruit will. 

Here are some of my current fave spots where you can find a good number of smoothies and juices in Amsterdam - most have a good selection of veggie or superfoods add-on options. 

Amsterdam Best Smoothies and Juice Bars  Guide

1. Cold Pressed Juicery

One of the first green juice places in town, they’ve now expanded all over the city. Buy on-the-spot, or join one of their ‘detox’ juicing programs (I’m not really a fan of these unless you’re really taking time off from your regular busy life and work. But that’s a different post for a different article). 

2. Juice Lab

Probably the one with the largest selections of green juice varieties. They’re also available for delivery if you don’t want to leave your house/ hotel. 

3. Joe & The Juice

It’s a global franchise and have a few dotted throughout town. Easy for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of your day (there’s one in the 9 streets, so it’s a good break from shopping when you need to).

Also has lots of good superfoods add-ons you can include in your juice/ smoothie.

4. Koffie Spot

They’re a coffee spot with a juice bar attached, with lots of veggie options in their juices. So instead of having a coffee, maybe a juice could be a better idea for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up?

They’re also on my list of best coffee/ cafés in Amsterdam.

5. Coffee & Coconuts

OK - so their smoothies and juices probably don’t have as much greens in them as I’d prefer, but they make up for it by all the other amazingly healthy breakfast/ lunch/ dinner options they have on their menu. 

Also, the space they’re in is an old movie theatre and is worth checking out if you like beautiful interiors. Lots of mezzanine floors with upcycled materials and green planters everywhere!

6. Bacanas

Not so much a smoothie/ juice bar, but this is a dedicated açai bar, and it’s PROPER açai too - where it’s frozen and still slightly firm; not a slushy liquid as most açai bowls in this town tend to be. Choose your bowl size, pick out everything you want (including toppings) and pay by weight.

Açai is the Brazilian superfood fruit which is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. It comes in powdered form so is usually included in smoothies as an add-on, or as a frozen slushie bowl.

Enjoy your healthy time around town checking these places out! And do let me know if you’ve got other smoothie/  juice spots you prefer. 

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