One Easy Yoga Pose: Wind down after a long, hectic day at the office

You’ve had a long day - one loaded with meetings, fires to put out, and never-ending changes to fix. I get it, I’ve been there! In my other life as an Executive Producer in advertising, there are always a gazillion things to change and fix. Especially when you’re on a production in the middle of a shoot - it’s non-stop action, all day long.

For most people, they unwind at the end of a hectic day with a glass (maybe more!) of wine. OK - one glass of red wine every few days is probably not a bad thing. However, how likely is it that you’re able to stop at only one glass? Not to mention the ill effects of alcohol on your sleep quality.

Here’s a much better idea for the next time you need a quick way to wind down. I shot these while I was away on a shoot in Berlin, in my hotel room.

One Easy Yoga Pose - for winding down after a hectic day at the office

The first video is the yoga pose done on the floor, but then I had a much better idea for how you could also do it in your bed (check the second video), helping you wind down just before bedtime. Enjoy!

On the Floor:

Laying In Bed:

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