5-Part Sleep Series: Everything You Need to Know For Better Sleep

I wrote a 5-part series on sleep. It’s everything you need to know on how to get a better night’s sleep, including the best practices before bedtime, best foods for sleep, worst foods for sleep, natural supplements and guided meditations for better sleep.

Here are the 5 parts to this sleep series:

We all “know” that sleep is important to help combat our busy lives today… we’re all overworked and tired, but sometimes we’re just too wired to even fall asleep, even though our minds and bodies are exhausted.

Knowing vs. Doing

There is so much information available, and a lot of it is “head knowledge” - stuff you kinda sorta know about, but it’s not really stuff you consciously put into practice.

The next time you find yourself going through a busy period and sleeplessness hits, pick just ONE thing you’ll do from each of these 5 parts every night… and by the end of a work-week, you would have 5 new and different things you would have put into practice to help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Sleep Planner

I’ve created a handy sleep practices planner for you to do just that, with a section where you can also note down what results you got every night from what you’ve implemented.

It’s a simple, fast way for you to track how you’re doing with your sleep, coz if you don’t measure it, how can you tell for certain if you’ve made improvements or if your sleep’s gotten worse?

You can sign up to download it here:

Do save/ bookmark it for the next time you might be going through an insomniac bout.

Also, please share this with anyone you know who may benefit from this.  

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